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Our Goal:

     To provide complete and comprehensive sourcing, procurement, logistics, and consulting services with the objective of providing products for our customers which will increase their profit, margin, and competitiveness.

Relationships in China:

     Established relationships with people and factories in China are critical in the sourcing process.  Obviously, relationships are important in all aspects of business and personal life, but even more so in China and Asia in general.  You have probably already heard or read of the chinese term "guanxi", the term often used in reference to the meaning and importance of relationships in China.  One of the main reasons that it is difficult to do business with Asian companies unless you have a continuous presence there is because relationships are critically important to get the things you need accomplished done in a timely and effective manner.  Countless times our overseas people have been able to get the factories to do special tasks or out of the ordinary jobs for our customers.  Without the effective presence and quality relationships in China, you will never be able to maximize the benefits of producing products there.

Where in China to source from?

     Manufacturing has steadily been moving further north and west in China from the factory rich southern region.  Our Hong Kong office handles the southern region, and the other offices handle the north and west at this time.  Typically you will always find the better costs at factories in the northern regions, but typically the factories can be less sophisticated.  Quality has improved dramatically in the north in the last 10 years, and while the south has its specialties it is very good at, the north always needs to be reviewed as well. 
     If you are currently having product made in the southern China region such as Guangdong, you need to have us see if we can make it for you at a lower cost further north.  A majority of the time we find we can make it further north with a better quality at a lower cost. 

Principals of Seasonal International, Inc.

We are a family-owned business which enhances our dedication to your product and financial goals.  The communication with you or your personnel is of the highest level of availabilitiy.  Remember, YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS.

David Wegscheid - CEO US Operations - MI Office
     Before founding Seasonal International, Inc. in early 1996, Dave retired from a major department store chain as the Divisional Vice-President responsible for purchasing and product development of several major departments with sales levels in the multi-billions of dollars.  His 37 years with this retailer, and 10 years with SI have given him extensive experience and knowledge in international sourcing and product development with overseas companies.  
     His acumen for product development and the financial aspects of business are impressive and well-developed.  His passion for business has brought outstanding success to his customers and associates. 

Keith Wegscheid - President US Operations - MI Office
Before joining his father in 1996, Keith earned his Bachelors' s Degree in Engineering, but decided to pursue sales with a large manufacturers' rep firm, representing multiple product categories for several large domestic and international companies.  Since joining SI, Keith has developed his international business skills and acquired the knowledge and gained the experience necessary to become an effective international sourcing expert.
     His drive to satisfy a customer and extreme dedication to excellent customer service, along with his marketing and business knowledge continue to keep SI growing every year by maintaining current customers and showing new customers how SI can help them grow, gain market share, and increase profits.


Besides our US office in Michigan, we also have offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Ningbo, and Huangyan, China.  From these locations we are able to access and serve the entire far east.  These offices are all the base locations for our own experienced, qualified, and well trained Asian personnel.  Our short term goals are to open offices deeper in China, farther north in China (near Beijing), as well as an office in India (we are currently sourcing product in India, but do not currently have an official office there yet).