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Our Goal:

     To provide complete and comprehensive sourcing, procurement, logistics, and consulting services with the objective of providing products for our customers which will increase their profit, margin, and competitiveness.

Why Outsource?

The obvious reason for outsourcing is the cost savings when compared to high production costs in the US.  Most small to medium size businesses can realize fantastic cost savings by outsourcing some or all of their production to Asia, as much as a 70% cost savings!  While the savings rates vary, labor intensive production will see the most benefit.
Likewise, we have always been able to save companies money who are already being supplied products from overseas.  Our Director of Overseas has an attention to detail that is unparalleled, and it is a necessary and needed skill in dealing with the factories in Asia.

We Augment Your Resources.

- All your requirements monitored and executed.
- Product delivered on time.
- Enhance your productivity.
- Our people are an extension of your staff.
- Frees your organizations to focus on value creation.
- Provides turnkey outsource solution.
- Fresh perspective injected into your business process.
- Transparent communication channels.
- Immediate window of opportunity to quality Asian Sources.

Sourcing from Websites

There are several sites on the web these days that provide Asian factory information and leads.  While these may be useful in terms of a starting point to find potential factories or to see if what products are currently being made or available, it would be extremely unwise to buy from one of these factories without seeing the factory first, meeting its key personnel, seeing its QC procedures, etc.  Too much risk. 
Also, there are so many factories out there that have similar products.  For each one you see on the web, there are probably a minimum of 10 others that are making or can make a similar product.  Don' t make the mistake of buying from what seems to be a reputable factory without first effectively qualifying.  There is too much that can go wrong or that you can lose.

Why SI?

We have added a bit more detail to the Multiple Reasons why our customers utilize our services.  We work for YOU. YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS.

  • Custom plan to meet YOUR needs - We are a flexible company and look to become an extension of our customers procurement, marketing, design, and logistics departments.  There are multiple ways to work an importing/sourcing plan.  We work with you to do what is best and most effective and profitable for your company.  Each customer is different with their own needs and ways of doing things.  We work with you as an extension of your company to improve your bottom line.  We help you understand the sourcing and importing process.
  • Experienced Personnel in China, Hong Kong, US - We emphasize the fact that a majority of our expense is in Asia where YOU need the personnel. Not in the US. All of our people are trained personally by our Director of Overseas Operations who has been in Asia now for 20 years.  We have three offices in China and also one in Hong Kong.
  • Decades of sourcing in Sourcing from Asia - Our experience in sourcing from Asia goes back to the early 1980' s. By utilizing SI, you will be avoiding the costly lessons of attempting to source products from Asia alone.  There is nothing worse than opening a container of product and finding you have not received what you ordered.  If not effectively supervised, China factories WILL take shortcuts in producing your product.
  • Expert Sourcing in Multiple Product Categories - We have sourced products from virtually every department and category you would find in a retail store.  Our products our found in stores everywhere from Wal-Mart to Neiman Marcus, and everybody in between.
  • Well-Versed in Multiple Manufacturing Processes - Because we have produced and sourced so many different product categories from overseas, we have also worked with a variety of different manufacturing processes from casting, machining, molding, to cut 'n' sew.  We have done it all.
  • Vast Accomplishment in Product Development - We have often needed to do everything for a customer from the very beginning conceptual phase all the way to the final marketing.  We can take a product from start to finish and do everything in between.  We are organized, and able to do it, and the lowest possible costs to you.
  • Lowest Costs Due to Low US and China overhead - There are several ways to get the lowest cost from Asian factories such as certain negotiation techniques, factory/personal relationships, volume discounts, etc.  We utilize all available methods to get the lowest cost for our customers from factories.  In addition to that, we are able to operate as a company on low margins due to our low overhead.  We don' t staff our offices with multiple executives who require high salaries, we don' t have fancy showrooms or offices.  We invest in well-trained field personnel who are constantly in the factories making sure our customers products are being made correctly.  They are OUR PEOPLE and loyal to us.  They are in the factory where YOU need them.  We don' t outsource or use third party personnel because cost is higher and loyalty is not there.  We pay our field personnel fair wages and benefits and a majority of them have been with us now for many years.  
  • Quality Control and Assurance - Nobody benefits if a product is not at the expected level of quality.  Trying to 'fix' quality issues once product reaches the states is a nightmare for everyone.  Our personnel go to EXTREME lengths to make sure the product you receive is at or above the quality level you need.  Most of the time, we are able to provide our customers with a higher level quality of product than they were making themselves or receiving from a previous supplier. 
  • Strong Factory Relationships - We have been sourcing plethora of different kinds of products over the years and have multiple long-term relationships with multiple factories in multiple categories.  As you are probably aware, "Relationships" go a long way in obtaining what you need in Asia whether it be the needed pricing, a 'rush' order, a smaller than usual minimum run, or development of a product.
  • Logistics Management - We have relationships with several logistics companies we currently use, and we also use our customers transportation carriers as well.  We use whichever works best for you.
  • Effective and Timely Communications - You will deal directly with the owners of the company.  Customers needs and desire for communications and information are of the highest priority.
  • Transparency - You will see none of our customers names on our website.  That is because we work for our customers and are akin to a part of their company.  We are like their overseas office.  Their success is our success.
  • Honesty and Trustworthiness - We tell you like it is.  We are straight forward and honest.  If we can do it, we tell you, and, likewise, if we can not do it (which is rare) we will tell you we can not and why we can not do it, and why no one else can either. 
  • Proven Problem Solving Abilities - We do it for our customers everyday.  So many times, people need a product to do something, or have a certain quality, or be at a particular cost, but they have no idea how to get the product to that stage.  They just know that is what they want.  We specialize in coming up with that solution to satisfy their particular need.

The bottom line is "Improving your bottom line".  We have accomplished this purpose for multiple customers over the years, and we look forward and enjoy the challenge involved in making our customers even more successful in their businesses.