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Our Goal:

     To provide complete and comprehensive sourcing, procurement, logistics, and consulting services with the objective of providing products for our customers which will increase their profit, margin, and competitiveness.

Final Thoughts.

     Don' t assume that because you are currently sourcing product out of the far east that you are getting the best possible cost or the best possible quality.  Multiple times we have shown our customers HUGE savings and IMPROVED quality over their previous sourcing firm and even their own overseas offices. 
     Our relationships with factories are deep, and our reputation overseas is impeccable.  A vast majority of the time we have worked with a factory that can produce the product or products you need produced.  However, we always continously search out new factories for our current customers products and, of course, new customers products.  Like the saying goes, "you don' t want all your eggs in one basket."  It is best to diversify your supply line and/or do constant comparisons in order to make sure you are always getting the best price and the best quality. 
     Regardless of what levels of price you need and what levels of quality you need, Seasonal International can provide you what you need.  Contact us today.  Your consideration is much appreciated. 

Thank You.  Please Contact Us.

Thank you for reviewing our Website. 
There is so much more information we can impart to you, but with each unique customer situation, it is best if you contact us via phone or email with your questions.  We are always happy to advise on what we can do for you or what your next steps should be if you wish to have product made in the far east. 

US Office Information:
Seasonal International, Inc.
1858 Star Batt Drive
Rochester Hills, MI  48309

Tel:  (248) 844-8240
Fax:  (248) 844-8242

Email Address:

Feel free to send us an email with your question or comments.  Please include your name, company name, and we will get back to you with a response most likely with in a day or two. 
Thank you.