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Our Goal:

To provide complete and comprehensive sourcing, procurement, logistics, and consulting services with the objective of providing products for our customers which will increase their profit, margin, and competitiveness.

Personal Note:

     Be wary of US-based sourcing or trading firms that have much excess in the way of overhead in their US offices.  Watch for things like several executives or managers in the US, maintaining an inventory of products, fancy offices and showrooms, costly websites,  costly custom software, US-based personnel making several trips to the far east every year, and even take into consideration where the cost of living is high, such as in CA. 
     These are indicators that the firms' profit and margins need to be higher in order to cover these high US overhead costs.  Their higher profit and margin requirements will be added into the cost they give you.  
     You are outsourcing to Asia because you need to save costs.  You don' t need to pay the high costs of overhead for another US office.  Basically what you need are offices and skilled personnel in Asia, and quality communications and consulting in the US. 
That is exactly what Seasonal International provides.  We keep our US Operations costs low, invest the majority of profits into our Overseas Operations, and are able to keep costs to our customers low. 

Contact Us Now:

Feel free to email us now with your inquiry to
Call us at (248) 844-8240. 

We always enjoy discussing new opportunities and ways we can help companies and people save money, make money, and reach their goals of success.

Contact Us.  We can Improve Your Bottom Line.

Seasonal International has been sourcing a variety of products from Asia for various customers since 1996, and we have saved our customers hundreds of millions of dollars over that time.

There are multiple reasons why our current customers utilize Seasonal International for their sourcing needs, and why you should consider us and contact us for your sourcing needs as well:

  • Custom plan to meet YOUR needs
  • Experienced Personnel in China, Hong Kong, and US
  • Decades of experience Sourcing from Asia
  • Expert sourcing in Multiple Product Categories
  • Well-versed in Multiple Manufacturing Processes
  • Vast Accomplishment in Product Development
  • Lowest Costs Due to Low US and China overhead
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Strong Factory Relationships
  • Logistics Management
  • Effective & Timely Communications
  • Transparency
  • Honesty & Trustworthiness
  • Proven Problem Solving Abilities

The bottom line is "Improving your bottom line".  We have accomplished this purpose for multiple customers over the years, and we look forward and enjoy the challenge involved in making our customers even more successful in their businesses. For more details on the above reasons please go to our "More Info" Page.

A final note we would like to mention on our Introduction Page. 
We have never marketed ourselves to the industry in a comprehensive way for two reasons:
1) We maintain a low overhead, and there is no real budget for marketing, and
2) We have never really had to.  Our customers have always come to us by referrals from other customers and from friends who know that we have the skills and the drive to get the job done.

Our website is not designed to answer all your questions or waste your time with a great deal of rhetoric.  It is merely a simple introduction to us, what we offer our current customers, what we can offer you, and contact information.  We pride ourselves on our ability to solve problems for our customers and fulfill their needs whether it be a better product, a better price, or both, or everything in between.  Please contact us via email or via phone, and we would be happy to discuss your needs and what we can offer you.  Advice and suggestions are always free.